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Amy swops Hell for Heaven the Drugs stop at 27

Sunday, July 24, 2011

As someone who considers it unfair to judge someone when they do not know a person. All one can do is make observations and comments and the loss of Amy Winehouse at only 27 is a waste of a god given talent! That this supremely talented singer has escaped the world at such a young age is maybe because she was living in hell and wanted to move on to heaven. It would be easy to write pages of negatives about Amy, but that is not going to bring her back is it!

The negatives of life are a danger to one and all, but the facts of life are that there is no life for anyone without positives. So let’s be respectful and look at the highs in the life of Amy Winehouse and the legacy that she leaves behind which is some haunting, magical music that is loaded to the gunnels with innuendos that should be no go areas for people who want to live a normal life.

Indicative of the times we live in, is this about Amy in Wikipedia – quote - ‘was an English singer-songwriter, known for her substance abuse and mental health issues’ How can we progress in society with headlines like that, sure she had problems – but do we not all have problems. That headline reflects on what attracts the world today which is over 90 percent controversy and negatives because that is what people feed on. But that was not Amy, that was about what was going wrong in her life. Perhaps and alas we will never know but if the press had given her some positive press in the last 4 to 5 years then maybe Amy would be still around today.

She parts with over 10 million album sales and leaves behind her empty home in Camden North London . History will dictate how she is remembered but we fear it will be for negatives, but we will remember her for – Rehab – Stronger Than Me – Love is a Losing Game and more.

Amy Jade Winehouse, pop singer-songwriter, 14 September 1983 to 23 July 2011

Finally from someone who knows what she went through this is a parting shot from Ronnie Wood – quote - "It's a very sad loss of a very good friend I spent many great times with."

Amy swops Hell for Heaven the Drugs stop at 27 …

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Happened on July 23, 2011

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