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Beninese Soldiers in Food for Sex Horror!

Porto Novo
Friday, September 02, 2011

This headline in the Huffington Post - WikiLeaks: UN Peacekeepers Traded Food For Sex – caught our interest in what has turned out to be a tale of horror involving Beninese Soldiers deployed by the UN in the Ivory Coast being involved in disturbing allegations that they gave food to starving young underage girls then the soldiers demanded sex after providing the food!

Here are official comments courtesy of a UN spokesman – quote - A random poll of 10 underage girls in Toulepleu by aid group Save The Children U.K. in 2009 found that eight performed sexual acts for Benin peacekeepers on a regular basis in order to secure their most basic needs. "Eight of the 10 said they had ongoing sexual relationships with Beninese soldiers in exchange for food or lodging."

It seems these allegations have been hushed up until now before being addressed by Wikileaks making the world aware that UN backed Beninese Soldiers have been giving food to young underage Ivory Coast girls then demanding sex as an illegal and immoral payment for the kindness they purported to offer!

Beninese Soldiers in Food for Sex Horror…

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Benin – State.Gov

WikiLeaks: UN Peacekeepers Traded Food For Sex

Benin – meaning - Benin, a narrow, north-south strip of land in West Africa, lies between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. Benin's latitude ranges from 6o30N to 12o30N and its longitude from 10E to 3o40E. Benin is bounded by Togo to the west, Burkina Faso and Niger to the north, Nigeria to the east, and the Bight of Benin to the south. With an area of 112,622 square kilometers, roughly the size of Pennsylvania – Attributed to State.Gov

Happened on September 02, 2011

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