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Bikers do it for Jewelry especially in Spain

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Most folks admit bikers are not predictable because they are kings of the roads and freeways and as such you never quite know where they will turn up next for bikers the roads like Route 66 go on forever. But for folks who are not bikers but still follow their lifestyle with interest, observers estimate that over 80 percent of the riders wear and collect biker jewelry.

For international travelers there is no finer site than a sunny summer day lunchtime in Madrid many bikers ride down ‘The Spanish Broadway’ in downtown still decked in work suits but they have style in abundance adorned with bike rings and biker jewellery. I finer site you will find hard to see elsewhere in Spain’s capital.

For HOG owners Madrid is the hometown of the famous Spanish HOG Madrid Chapter España.

Bikers do it for Jewelry especially in Spain...

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Happened on September 13, 2011

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