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Brand Rooney hit by Enola Gay Bomb Millions Lost – Red Devils Fight Back

Friday, October 22, 2010

The collapse of Brand Rooney has been stunning and so devastatingly swift ‘the wheels have come off’ at an alarming speed and only two people are to blame the clunker head footballer Wayne Rooney and his arrogant pig headed agent Paul Stretford. The brand has been blown asunder as it reels under millions of pounds of losses as Manchester United fight back and drop an Enola Gay bomb on Brand Rooney!

So what has gone wrong so quickly costing Brand Rooney maybe tens of millions of UK pounds. Well first they were warned by the Sir Alex Ferguson who said basically OK go ahead and leave but on the way out of the OT exit door remember respect Manchester United and please do not disparage the club.

So what happened next well the two leading lights of Brand Rooney the power pot men Vacuum Paul and Council Cocksman Wayne call a press conference

Then at the press conference instead of saying they want away from Manchester United they nuke the club by jabbering about lack of ambition, failure to buy big name players, and a whole bunch of uninformed misguided rhetoric et al

Now only days into this public relations disaster Rooney is holed up in his Cheshire mansion unable to get out because his former fans have turned against and want to lynch him for what he has said against the Red Devils and his refusal to dismiss rumors that he may want to move to Manchester City!

Millions of pounds have been knocked off the net worth of Brand Rooney, the sponsors are jumping out they do not want to go down like the PaWa Titanic the sponsors who have jumped into the lifeboat to date are Coca Cola, Nike, EA Sports and many more

There is an English saying

About Wayne Rooney
You can take the man out of the council house but you cannot take the council house out of the man

About Paul Stretford
You can take the man out of the vacuum cleaner but you cannot take the vacuum cleaner out of the man

Foolish men with an overdose of ignorance who have to realize very quickly that Manchester United and Alex Ferguson are a lot smarter than they will ever be!

It is not too late to resurrect Brand Rooney but will the power pot men have the nouse to behave in business in a professional and loyal manner when deal making with all their clients and employers namely Manchester United!

Or will the power pot men rely on going back to greed, ignorance and screwing whores as the best way forward

Watch the news this demise of Brand Rooney will run for months …

Address and Contact Data

Young Men and Bombs - TIME



Vacuum Paul – Paul Stretford the agent for Brand Rooney formerly a vacuum cleaner salesman

Council Cocksman Wayne – Wayne Rooney a scouse scallywag brought up in Liverpool council house and of late notorious cocksman of some repute as he has been screwing hookers in sexual threesomes in downtown Manchester

PaWa Titanic – The sinking of Brand Rooney the leading enablers are Paul Stretford and Wayne Rooney

Power Pot Men – Acting like Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men

OT – Old Trafford home of Manchester United FC

Happened on October 22, 2010

Location: Europe: England: Manchester

Topics: News: Sport: Football

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