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British Comedy Laughs all around the World

Friday, September 30, 2011

Comedy so much a part of life as humor embraces across all walks of life whether rich or poor famous or just an important individual yes we are all important even comedians!

Here is a stellar resource packed with British Comedy all showcased in TheHumorBlog.Com – good comedy is worth sharing! Here is a cracker to make you ROFL – quote - Keith Lemon - I’d wreck that chick. – more - I’ll go get the prop, it’s behind these curtains…these beef curtains. Quote – Jason Manford - Talking about footballers – “you’re on 60grand a week, if I think your a nobhead, I’ll tell ya!” – more - Weather – “the weather in Manchester, it’s like the muslims in iraq, it’s either Sunni or it’s Shiite”

There is no similar humor, British Comedy is unique nowhere else in the world matches the raw earthy style of comedy from the United Kingdom.

British Comedy Laughs all around the World…

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British Comedy

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Happened on September 29, 2011

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