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Calvin Harris Pulls the Plug on 'Red Bag' Tour

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strange story this as DJ Calvin Harris pulls out of a UK tour headlined by the singer best known in India simply as the ‘Red Bag’ There appears to be some showcasing going on which will be crooned over by the gossip columnists. Namely that the withdrawal of services notice from Calvin Harris to the singer formerly known as…. and now treated with as much reverence as a Gucci Bag has been processed through a social network site.

This platform was deemed suitable for the headlining grabbing captions as the erstwhile singer responded to the Harris quit notice with this –quote - ‘Calvin Harris will NOT be joining in on the fun and has CANCELLED last minute.’

Now here is the kicker that statement was published for privacy reasons on a VPN – Virtual Private Network – but surprise, surprise the network has a front door open to the public serving over a billion plus internet surfers!

The lively spring heeled 27 year old DJ got back into the VPN fray by responding to the Red Bag singer with this – quote - ‘Sorry to all who wanted to see me with …. – her team suddenly moved the goalposts and I was to appear on stage with no production.’

Well that ends the UK music gossip for today as search as we may we could not find out the real name of the singer and we also drew a blank with the internet URL of the VPN.

But Calvin Harris has a MySpace profile and a Wiki so that is him covered for publicity

We close by publishing this saucy comment we found on the net about this storyline – quote - 'He had a lucky escape'.... You dont need her to make your career..It seemed she probably needed you more !!!!! Her music is classless rubbish...... by - I have a lovely life, THE UK , BRITISH AND PROUD OF IT, 29/3/2011 17:47 Clip courtesy of the Daily Mail

We have to go now as we do not want to get into the middle of some show business ‘handbags’ !

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Happened on March 29, 2011

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