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Cotto down in 3 – 4 – Kenny Bayless Stops it in the 12th Round – Pacquiao The Man

Grand Garden Arena
MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Manny Pacquiao versus Miguel Cotto

WBO Welterweight Championship

Round One

Blistering pace good jabs by Cotto, great round all action

Round Two

Pacquiao started the dismantling process on Cotto in another all action round

Round Three

Pacquiao knocks down Cotto with a short blunging short right

Round Four

Pacquiao outslugs the slugger as the pacman takes apart Cotto taking him down with a vicious left hook late in the round

Round Five

All action from both fighters but Pacquiao on top

Round Six

Pacquiao rocks the ironman Cotto in another big round

Round Seven

For the first time in the fight Cotto backs up, Pacquiao will take him out before the end of the fight

Round Eight

Brutal Pacquiao is like a destroyer unleashing combination punches rocks Cotto in the final seconds of the round

Round Nine

Manny takes apart the Cotto defense at the end of the round the corner of Cotto said ‘one more round’ to Cotto whose face is bruised,cut and disfigured with lumps and bruises

Round Ten

Cotto on his bike back pedaling he has had enough

Round Eleven

No way back for Cotto it should be stopped

Round Twelve

In the first big onslaught of the round referee Kenny Bayless has seen enough and stops the fight to save Cotto from further punishment

A great great fight !

Manny Pacquiao v Miguel Cotto

The Fight of the Year 2009

Happened on November 14, 2009

Location: North America: United States: Las Vegas

Topics: News: Sport: Boxing

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Cotto down in 3 – 4 – Kenny Bayless Stops it in the 12th Round – Pacquiao The Man #1

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Third Party Video Delivery (November 15, 2009 09:26:49 AM)
Manny Pacquiao v Miguel Cotto best boxing fight of 2009, with great decision by Kenny Bayless to stop the slaughter, arguably saving what is left of the boxing career of Cotto!
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