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Hatton v Pacquiao The HitPac Gigantomachy

So what is in store in the ‘fight of the year’ coming up this Saturday, May 2, 2009 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

World Championship Fight
12-round junior welterweight match

Manny Pacquiao v Ricky Hatton

The position is real simple, if the Hitman Hatton comes out all guns blazing after the Pacman Pacquiao from the 1st round bell at the start of the fight, the likely outcome is the Ricky Hatton will be out gunned, out punched, out brawled and stone cold knocked out arguably within 3 rounds with the result being a barnstorming victory for Manny Pacquiao

The other alternate ----------if Hatton has the patience and common sense to listen to his astute trainer Floyd Mayweather, then what Hatton has to do, is heed, and heed real close the words of Mayweather, who will be pushing for Hatton to box and wait and pick off Pacquiao, real slow and break him down gradually, then as the fight enters the final 4 rounds, Hatton can step it up and start dismantling Pacquiao and possibly getting a stoppage or KO in the 10th,11th or even the last round

These are the 2 options we envisage, but we tip Hatton, to let his head overrule his brain, and he explodes into all out action and Manny simply goes to war and simply out punches Ricky and knocks him out stone cold

We sure do not want that result, because if Hatton has time to wait, it could turn into one of the greatest pound for pound fights seen in a long, long time

The main reason being, that these 2 protagonists are right out of the top drawer arguably the best two fighters in the world today

It promises to be one hell of a fight, because the pre fight options are so intriguing

Some Website quotes doing the rounds :-
Hatton has had to learn that ignoring his trainer's instructions comes at a price, with Mayweather going as far as hitting the Mancunian with his pads to make sure his fighter understands the importance of head movement.
No games
"I don't play games, if you leave your head there I'm going to take it off," he stated.
"I said to Ricky, 'You need to move your head, man, you want to be able to see your kids. You don't want to be hit in the head, that's your brain in there. When you get hit in the head your brain rattles'.
"So I don't want him to get hit upsides the head and I want him to use the jab more as an offensive and a defensive weapon. You can beat him up with the jab and keep him off you with it."
"People respect what Pacquiao and Hatton can do in the ring."
Oscar forecasting a Hatton victory!
De La Hoya, who posted a win-loss record of 39-6 including 30 knockouts, backed Hatton to beat Pacquiao inside 12 rounds.
"I can't see it going full distance," he said. "I really do like Ricky in the later rounds. And also the fact that he has Floyd Mayweather Sr. is going to make a big difference."

Happened on May 01, 2009

Location: North America: United States: Las Vegas

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