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Journalist Finds Single Girl to Date in London

Saturday, November 05, 2011

How times change only a few decades ago one of the ways that boy meets girl was a typical night out at the local Mecca dance hall where DJ’s like Sir Jimmy Savile were spinning the music records and guys would stand around the dance floor eyeing up the girls. Then the next move was ask the girl to dance and see where that leads you! Oh my the good old days, now long gone and locked away in the annals of history.

Fast forward to 10 to 15 years ago along comes online dating sites where you register – upload a photo – write a brief profile and wait in the hope that someone will hit on your dating profile and contact you, which then may eventually develop into a face to face meeting. Great but often one had to travel hours to meet someone with no guarantees that anything more than a meet up will be just a friendly chat and nothing more. Super way to meet new friends and/or lovers but maybe very limited in scope because often distance created or constituted a problem that negated the relationship from developing from friendship to love!

But now that has all changed these days take for example wanting to find a dating partner in London that is easy check out this stellar dating resource SinglesDatingLondon.Co.Uk. The accolades praising this London Dating Site are endless – all the men and woman are qualified and verified and all are living in around the districts of central and greater London. But hey there is so much more this site is ‘The Business’ as above we mentioned the site is genuine, by that we mean is ‘What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get’ WYSIWYG. Let’s explain in more detail OK one has been surfing for a date on SinglesDatingLondon.Co.Uk - boy finds girl – girl finds boy! Great but here is the best part when you arrange the meet – travel to the location meet will be easy say from a few minutes to an hour travel maximum – when you meet the person will be the girl or boy who matches the dating profile on the London Dating Site.

Want to know why we mention these details that is easy – some online dating sites are packed with girls and boys which are bogus profiles that have been entered to make the index look large with every girl or boy you can imagine. Caveat Emptor – Do not be Fooled!

Come on let us tell you a good story, we employed a new young single journalist in London and he was single and living alone, anyway after 3 months we got feedback that he was unsettled and was considering asking to be moved to a new location. We asked him what were his issues and he said he wanted to find a girlfriend as he was fed up with single life. Phew we were so pleased that was his only problem so we told him to join SinglesDatingLondon.Co.Uk. Fast forward three months later he had found a lovely girl that lived only 30 minutes by tube from his London base he was ‘made up’ and had Singles Dating London to thank for his new found happiness and love!

Journalist Finds Single Girl to Date in London...

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Single Girl to Date in London

If you live or work in North, South, East or West London or the Home Counties, the best dating site to find love, lust or just to checkout gorgeous professional singles in London looking for a date or a mate is London singles dating, we are one of the leading professional dating agencies in London. – Attribution to SinglesDatingLondon.Co.Uk

Happened on November 04, 2011

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