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Kenny Dalglish Managed Two Games Lost Two Games

Thursday, January 13, 2011

As we forecast the return of King Kenny has not stopped the rot at Liverpool FC

Kenny Dalglish the manager for less than one week and here are the results

Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool FC – FA Cup Round 3

Blackpool 2-1 Liverpool FC - EPL – Barclays English Premier League

But let us put these losses into perspective if those results occurred under anyone other than Kenny Dalglish. The Anfield Kop would be calling for the head of the team manager

But that is not going to happen to the revered Kenny Dalglish and because nothing will happen it just confirms that the club deserves to fail. Dalglish is a man living in a time warp feeding on a reputation built more than twenty years ago. Anfield and Dalglish are a match made in heaven, no one could have made a better match a losing team led by a losing manager!

Who is to blame for this carnage at Liverpool FC. The players must take much of the blame they are hopeless and at best a kick and run long ball team.

The Anfield Kop who never gave Roy Hodgson a single chance to show his skill sets which have served him admirably for decades and indeed such was the quality of his skill sets that he was the 2010 manager of the year for his achievements when managing Fulham FC.

Of course there is so much more wrong with Liverpool FC not least the new owners led by John W Henry who simply does not have a clue about football or how to run a top EPL - English Premier League team

Liverpool have all the signs of going to same way as Leeds United FC

Arrogance and ignorance are the present foundations that Liverpool Football Club is built upon

Rest assured that these traits will ensure that Liverpool slides into football oblivion!

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Happened on January 12, 2011

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