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Kenyan Troops push into Somalia after the Al Shabaab Militia

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kenyan troops foraged into Somalia on Monday in an exercise intent on seeking out and hunting down the Al Shabaab militia who have been kidnapping people and creating general mayhem by disrupting communities.

The international dichotomy with the multitude of problems that are prevalent in nearly all the African countries is that quite simply the west profess to be concerned. The truth is somewhat more stark and concerning along the lines like – There are social and economic issues that need attention in Africa. The west in reality – So What!

More on this breaking news from an Al Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage – quote - “The Kenyan forces have crossed about 100 kilometres deep into Somalia and in some cases their military aircraft have bombed inside Somalia. If they continue this way, they will regret and feel the consequences back home,” – more - “Kenya has peace, its cities have tall buildings and business is booming there, while Somalia is in chaos. If your government ignores our calls to stop its aggression on Somali soil, we will strike at the heart of your interests.”

Tensions are rising and the problems may well escalate into all out war between the invading Kenyan Troops and the Al Shabaab Militia.

Kenyan Troops push into Somalia after the Al Shabaab Militia…

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Al-Shabaab - Council on Foreign Relations

Estimates of al-Shabaab's size vary, but analysts generally agree that the group contains several thousand fighters, many of whom are from the Hawiye clan. The group has been able to expand its footprint in Somalia with relatively small numbers for two reasons: Somalia hasn't had a central government since 1991; and many of the clan warlords that filled the power vacuum have proven willing to cooperate with al-Shabaab, at least in Somalia's south. Al-Shabaab has engaged in forced recruitment among Somalis, so it's unclear how many members of the group truly believe the organization's ideology. Experts say the number of rank-and-file members is less important than the number of hardcore ideological believers, which could range between three hundred and eight hundred individuals. - Attribution to CFR.Org

CJD Roving Eye Story

We have a stringer based in the region so new reports expected soon!

Happened on October 17, 2011

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