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Luoyang Sex Slave Dungeon Fiend - Li Hao

Luoyang City
Henan Province
Friday, September 23, 2011

Horrifying news from China of a man from Henan Province who has been found to have kept six women locked up in a dungeon at his home and he has repeatedly molested the women abusing them as sex slaves. The police have arrested a Luoyang City resident named Li Hao a 34 year old man who is alleged to have trolled the local karaoke parlors looking for girls who he then seduced them into capture where he raped and abused the innocent young women.

Then he hideously locked them up in a underground dungeon at his home in Luoyang and systematically abused and raped the young women. But then he brutally killed two of the girls. The time of abuse – rape and imprisonment in the dungeon has been ongoing for over two years – according to a police spokesman

Here are more details from the Shanghai Daily – quote - Such was his hold on his six victims, cops said, he was quickly able to make them "fall in love with him." – more - Li kept them imprisoned for as long as two years -- feeding them once every two days and living with them for 15 days a month while his wife presumed he was working as a security guard. – more - Despite their pitiful living conditions, they referred to him as "hubby" and " big brother" -- and even squabbled over whose turn it was to have sex with him, sickened detectives revealed. – more - Li allegedly beat one woman to death in front of her terrified fellow inmates to teach them "to be obedient," before burying her body close to where they slept.

Li Hao is being held in custody, he will be charged and prosecution is pending in China if found guilty he will likely receive the death penalty.

Luoyang Sex Slave Dungeon Fiend - Li Hao…

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Happened on September 22, 2011

Location: Asia: China: Luoyang City

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