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Mexican Margarito May never Fight Again he is Done

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One ringside observer is of the opinion that beaten boxer Antonio Margarito may never fight again after being peppered, pounded and brutally battered for 12 rounds by supreme pound for pound the best fighter ever seen in the world the legendary Manny Pacquiao

So back to the dude watching the fight he had this to say – quote –

"His corner should have saved him. He took too much unnecessary punishment to me. I would have stopped that fight. After eight rounds, it was over and it was just a matter of time."

"It's the worst beating I have ever seen (by Pacquiao), accumulation-wise and the number of punches landed,"

"Margarito is a very resilient guy, a tough guy and he has no quit in him.”

So we will now tell you the dude watching was none other than Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach. Of course when Freddie speaks everyone listens because his knowledge of boxing is second to none

In a post fight interview Manny says he asked the referee to stop the fight to save Margarito further punishment – quote –

• "I told the referee, 'Look at his eyes, look at his cuts'.

• "I did not want to damage him permanently. That's not what boxing is about.

• "I thought the referee and the doctor should take a look as his eye was really bad. Boxing is not for killing each other."

Battered bruised and with horrific cuts on his eyes and face Antonio Margarito had this to say – quote –

• "There was no way I was gong to quit. I'm a Mexican, we fight until the end."

The Mexican was so badly cut in several places he looked as if he had been butchered with a meat cleaver and had to have post fight extensive hospital treatment

Why do we say Antonio Margarito is finished as a fighter – that is easy read the boxing history records and you will soon prove that is a fact!

Want to ask someone OK ask Freddie Roach who has paid the ultimate price for having one fight too many!

To the super brave guy today – you are finished – that’s it, it is all over you are done!

To close this is the final comment which says it all – quote - Margarito's trainer Robert Garcia added:

"Manny is the best fighter in the world. He is just too fast - very, very quick."

Thanks for the memory Antonio well now it is the end!

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Happened on November 14, 2010

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