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Motoring Advice ways to Save Petrol on UK Roads

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Damn I was just about to swear I was just driving back into London when my car ran out of petrol just after I had turned off the north circular road onto Pentonville Road, lucky for me there is a reserve button and I was able to cruise into a garage for petrol. Plus my luck was in, the garage was one recommended in the online website resource Save-Petrol.Co.Uk in the showcased – Fuel Prices Map which is great online app tool that details garages selling petrol at the best prices.

Motoring advice is a must have in England where the price of petrol costs ‘an arm and a leg’ This is a great feature we found on Save-Petrol.Co.Uk – quote - Remember; when working out the costs of a full tank in your car based on what each garage is charging, factor in the distance to get to that particular forecourt. If you go past the cheapest on your way to work then that is great, no extra mileage. But if you have to go to the other side of your city to save 1p per litre, you may use a certain amount of extra fuel just getting there that in actual fact it is not financially beneficial. – That is a great help!

Motoring Advice ways to Save Petrol on UK Roads…

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Motoring Advice

*The figures for "The Maths of Saving Petrol" are based on a 2008 Ford Fiesta 1.4l Petrol, read more on our maths page. – Attribution to Save-Petrol.Co.Uk

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In the main on travels around the world the price of petrol varies from country to country but this article focuses on motoring advice in the United Kingdom. Where the hard facts are the government tax burden on petrol makes for all drivers having to pay a very high price for petrol at the pump. Hence we often research the UK website Save-Petrol.Co.Uk for tips on how to keep down the cost of driving on UK roads. We use the showcased –quote – FUELPRICES MAP – for the very reason we travel up and down the UK and we have to refill the car tank on a regular basis and the FUELPRICES MAP tells us where the cheapest petrol prices are all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Happened on October 04, 2011

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