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Pardy a Pardine leaps into Newcastle United with 5 Year Contract

Tyne and Wear
Friday, December 10, 2010

Mike Ashley the irrational owner of Newcastle United EPL Premier league football club has gone mad and appointed a leopard as the new manager welcome center stage to the hapless Alan Pardew who has come on board and signed a five and a half year contract.

The new manager made his first faux pas by saying the contract will bring stability ‘to both me and the club’

Unbelievable this club have gone through 7 managers in 42 months now they are handing out a 5½ year contract to a loser!

Let’s analyze the header here

Pardy a Pardine leaps into Newcastle United
By God a Leopard leaps into Newcastle United

So where is the analogy well that it is simple Newcastle United is no longer a football club this is a zoo and in a zoo animals are showcased so a warm welcome to the leopard

Fortunately the leopard will not survive long in the St James Park Zoo that is because Tigers and Lions are the only predators that will attack a full grown Leopard and there are several of those in NU. They usually kill Leopards to eliminate competition rather than to eat them.

One of the of the zoo guards driving around the zoo is Gazza and he has a shot gun so he will be hunting the Pardine!


Pardy meaning ‘By God’

Pardine meaning a species of lynx leopard (Felis pardina) inhabiting Southern Europe. Its color is rufous, spotted with black.

Gazza – Paul Gascoigne he is banned from driving on roads but the ban does not apply within the NU Zoo

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Happened on December 09, 2010

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