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The wages in India barely keep the Poor above the Poverty Line

New Delhi
Sunday, October 02, 2011

India is renowned as the world’s biggest democracy with a mind boggling population north of 1.2 billion people. But for those that have not had the opportunity to travel to some Asian countries it is hard to imagine that swathes of Indians are barely existing, with millions struggling to earn enough money to pay for a bowl of rice a day. Believe me it is that bad and for tens of thousands it is worse than that with many going days on end without food. However some folks do not relate to the poor and the dreaded poverty line in India because of the sheer size of the population.

What we mean is that tens of millions of indigenous Indians are highly educated, sophisticated and wealthy and these are the ones that are often in the news. Hence the poor living in poverty are often left to exist with no government or NGO support that they may reach out to grasp in the hope that they can hopefully rise out of poverty.

Now the Supreme Court have received an affidavit from the India Planning Commission demanding that minimum wages are set for the poor at 965 rupees per month for people living in cities and at 781 rupees for people living in rural areas. This averages to about 32 rupees and 26 rupees per day. Now here is the kicker from these meager earnings food , education and healthcare are expected to be met from 26 to 32 rupees a day!

One official quote on hearing the news from the India Planning Commission – quote from - social economist Jayati Ghosh, Sukhdeo Thorat, the chairman of the University Grants Commission, and West Bengal’s former finance minister Ashok Mitra - “We do not consider the official national poverty lines set by the Planning Commission, at Rs 32 and Rs 26 per capita per day for urban and rural areas respectively, to be acceptable benchmarks to measure the extent of poverty in India.”

There is something seriously wrong in wealth management in India as it is fast poised to overtake Japan as the world’s third largest economy. Final editorial comment from the Hindu newspaper – quote - “How little can a person live on?”

The gap between rich and poor seems by all concerned a bridge too wide for the gap to be narrowed.

The wages in India barely keep the Poor above the Poverty Line...

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TV and news reels do not show the reality of how the poor in India struggle on a daily basis to survive, however when you see the scenes in real life many are shocked beyond belief!

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