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Watch UFC Live Cruz vs Johnson Live Stream

Washington DC
Saturday, October 01, 2011

Topping the UFC bill this weekend from Washington DC is Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson. So what can we expect from the showcased fighters both are expected to weigh in at 135lbs but in height Cruz is 5ft 8in to the five inches shorter Johnson at a diminutive 5ft 3in. Cruz is known for his punching power so if he can catch the lightning fast Johnson he could knock out the ‘Mighty Mouse’ but he has to get within striking distance to start unloading power punches or maybe take Johnson to the canvas and pound and grind! But these are both bantamweights so the action is going to be fast and furious. Matchmakers do not make lighter fighters top of the bill if they do not expect an explosive UFC match.

Martial arts experts expect the 5 round fight - Watch UFC Live Cruz vs Johnson Live Stream – to go the distance with Cruz winning by a unanimous decision. One of the reasons UFC fight fans expect the fight to go the full five rounds is because Cruz may be much the taller guy he has only a 2 inch longer reach so many expect he will never get in close enough to unload knock out blows against the wily and alert Johnson who is likely to lose but at the same time put in an impressive performance

Watch UFC Live Cruz vs Johnson Live Stream…

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In terms of stats, Cruz and Johnson are almost evenly matched given the fact they have the same weight although Cruz has almost five extra inches to his favor. Of course, Cruz also has the reach going for him which is one reason why people are betting that he will be able to down the ‘Mighty Mouse’ once and for all. – Attributed to WorldWideTVonPC.Com

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This fight - Watch UFC Live Cruz vs Johnson Live Stream – will have millions of viewers from the Orient as they love fighters at these weights with typical fighters been seen in Muay Thai action. The fight time in Washington is also a great time to attract viewers in Asia as the live broadcast will be late Sunday morning or early afternoon in the likes of Bangkok – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Jakarta – Manila and Tokyo and many more places,

Happened on October 01, 2011

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