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What Really Happened to Amy Winehouse!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More than three days on from the tragic loss of Amy Winehouse. This article will be of no interest to the bottom feeders and misfits of society, we will be a little more specific and include the abhorrent Blake Fielder-Civil.

So what really happened to Amy Winehouse this delightful young lady with a voice that is so beautiful, haunting and unique that one has difficulty attaching words to a voice of such power and presence. This supremely talented singer – songwriter who came from a well respected middle class Jewish family in London. A transparent family with love respect and decency was the order of the day – everyday doing normal things and in family lifestyle that had no desires or needs for excesses. What went wrong the answer is that maybe no one will ever know fully all the negatives that dismantled this poor girls life.

But looking at all the flowers and gifts that have been placed at her shrine outside her home in Camden Place North London one can see the love coming forth from thousands who have visited the home to pay respects. But we fear that some of the gifts are indicative of the twisted and complex world that we live in, we are referring to the empty beer cans and the empty Vodka Bottles placed around the shrine. This is disturbing because what this beautiful lady needed in life was positives and not negatives.

We conclude in voicing our opinion on what really happened to Amy Winehouse the bottom feeders and hangers on introduced an unrelenting barrage of negatives into her life and like a cancer they killed off all the positives, then cruelly and vindictively they killed Amy Winehouse.

Bottom feeders we hope you are now happy continuing to live your pitiful lives in hell! Someday the images of you all straight backed all wearing top hats will be seen walking under a stone that is how low you have all stooped as you exploited and hounded a fragile vulnerable caring and giving girl. May the albatross that is hung around your neck’s weigh heavily on your minds as it this point in time you all appear to have no soul.

What Really Happened to Amy Winehouse

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We close with a quote from Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse his parting shot is

Rush of Love

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Happened on July 25, 2011

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