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We will Sponsor a Cyclist to Ride from Asia to Europe (Oct 14, 2011)

We will Sponsor a Cyclist to Ride from Asia to Europe

Hong Kong
Friday, October 14, 2011

To celebrate four years online this October we are looking to sponsor a cyclist who will ride from Asia to Europe say via China – Thailand – India – Kazakhstan etc etc.

All routes and all plans are on the table, we will kit you out with gear complete with logos for CJD – City Journalist Directory. Your objective will be to complete the route, record your travels with images and emails back to our tech center and we will publish your progress live online all over the Internet. You will not be alone we will get a companion to ride 100 percent of the route with you or at least accompany you in areas where you feel you will be safer riding with a fellow cyclist.

All interested please...

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